Board and Staff

Board of Directors:

Margie Fischer
Chair of the Board

Rachael Turner

Catherine Fitzgerald
Ex Officio

Cassandra Liebeknecht
Ex Officio (General M

Sue-Ann Charlton
Board Director

Matt Gilbertson
Board Director

Libby O'Donovan
Board Director

Lucy Hackworth
Board Director

Nathan Moir
Board Director


Catherine Fitzgerald
Artistic Director

Cassandra Liebeknecht
General Manager

Travis Atkinson
Administration Coordinator

Hayden Hilton-Bruce
Volunteer Coordinator

Geoffrey Parslow
Visual Arts Coordinator

Youth Project Officer
Lucy & Edwin

Youth Committee:

Jennifer Soggee
Sarah Cornelius
Ellen Mitchell
Grace Mitchell
Vy Nguyen
Indi Wishart
Brodie McGee
Sam Lane
Shaylee Leach.

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