Local attractions

In the Lion Arts Centre Courtyard.

Feast Festival
Feast is a major event on the festival calendar in South Australia. It is a truly international event, bringing performers from all over the world and attracting visitors from near and far.

Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre
Nexus Multicultural Arts operates as a dynamic arts and social networking arena uniting creativity and cultural diversity, a place where artists, communities and audiences share experiences, create artworks and tell their stories. The aim of Nexus is to inspire understanding, to celebrate and to respect cultures and traditions - fostering social inclusion and harmony through the arts.

Fowlers Live
Fowler's Live began life as the D and J Fowler Flour Factory in 1906, in the 1970's after a long vacancy if was renovated to be the home of The Adelaide Fringe Festival until 1998, finally in July 2004, after a turbulent period of tenancy it became a dedicated Live Music Venue and Fowler's Live was born.

Mercury Cinema (MRC)
Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992 our little bricks-and-mortar theatre has, for 20 years supported the development of screen culture as its mandate.This means we’d rather usher you to your seat with a nice glass of wine and some liner notes for a Jean Luc Goddard classic, than scour your pockets for every shekel we can grab.

Jam Factory
JamFactory supports and promotes outstanding design and craftsmanship through its widely acclaimed studios, galleries and shops. A unique not-for-profit organisation located in the Adelaide city centre.

The aeaf incorporates a gallery space, bookshop and artists studios. The aeaf curates its exhibition program to represent new work that expands current debates and ideas in contemporary art and culture.

Around Adelaide.

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