Our Ambassadors

Please meet our ambassadors for Feast Festival 2022 – our 25th Birthday!

Belinda McKeown

As a late-blooming queer woman Feast Festival has held my hand through many transitions. From being a closeted ally befriended by those who knew me better than I knew myself, to eventually coming out to my family and friends, producing events in support of our ATSI Lgbtiqa+ community, this being my 8th year involved in the festival. 


I am proudly now honoured with the role of Feast Ambassador after being named NAIDOC LGBTQI+ Person of the Year! 


I wish for each of you, on this fabulous 25th Feast Birthday Celebration that you too feel the support of the Community as I extend my friendship to you. Wherever you are in your evolution,  I look forward to getting to know you as we celebrate our beautiful diversity.

Calamity Tash

Hello and Welcome to Feast’s 25th Birthday Party! 


I’m Calamity Tash and I can’t wait to celebrate Pridevember with you! I’m a local Artist, most passionate about accessibility and inclusivity towards art and creative expression. 


I have been an enthusiastic Feast Festival attendee from the day I first locked eyes on their queer arts program in a local shop window. As a teenager, I was awed to discover a community of people I felt at home with. Welcomed by. 


That enthusiasm has evolved into being an active contributor in Feast programs and events. I can’t wait for our annual picnic when I get to showcase my unique handmade wearing art to you all. I believe EVERYONE should sparkle! 


I’m so stoked and honoured to be included as an ambassador for Feast Festival’s 25th year celebrating the local queer community, and can’t wait to share this experience with y’all! 


Tash xx

Dr Gertrude Glossip

It’s time! I’ve been looking forward to the honour of Feast Ambassadorship since my creator Will Sergeant had the honour in 2018. 


It’s been a delight to conduct rainbow history walks at every Feast. It will be particularly so in this 25th anniversary year. Congratulations Feast on your Silver Jubilee. Will and I are ardent believers in public rainbow manifestations. Feast and Pridevember are exemplars, celebrations of diversity and inclusivity. 


This year we remember the gay-bashing drowning of Dr Duncan 50 years ago. How fitting that Feast was a driving force behind the creation of the Adelaide Festival masterpiece ‘Watershed: The Death of Dr Duncan’. It was a festival highlight. How far we’ve come in 50 years, as manifest in changes in laws and social attitudes. We also remember the election of the progressive Whitlam Labor government 50 years ago. It lay the groundwork for so much social change.


Isabel Hodgson

As a proud LGBTQI+ member, I can’t wait to see our beautiful community come together to celebrate the diversity and inclusions of all people. We have two important milestones to be proud of this year: 25 years of Feast Festival and five years of the Marriage Equality Bill. 


I am so lucky and so proud to call South Australia my home. This state embraces change and knows how to throw a party to celebrate. 


I am absolutely honoured to be a 2022 Ambassador for Feast Festival and can’t wait to see anyone and everyone from all walks of life enjoying Pridevember.


The new LGBTQI+ Persons in Sport Panel will be a highlight for me along with the move of Picnic in the Park to Rundle Park.


Happy Feast. See you there!