Rainbow Flag Initiatve

Feast Festival takes place in November every year. We wanted to continue celebrating inclusivity and diversity in South Australia for the entire month, so we created “Pridevember”. The entire month of November is dedicated to celebrating our LGBTQIA+ community through the festival and various other projects. 

Flying the Rainbow Flag – Celebrating Diversity Project

We have invited every Council in the State to participate in flying the rainbow flag for the whole month of November (1st – 30th Nov) to showcase their support for local LGBTQIA+ people, their families, and their community. 

They could fly the flag if they have a flag pole, display rainbow flags in the windows of their community centre or library, erect a temporary secondary flagpole – any way to showcase the rainbow flag and proudly show their support.

This year we have invited schools to participate in celebrating “Pridevember” and flying their rainbows flags too.