Bi Visibility Day

September 25, 2020

Written by Gail Ellis from Kindred Spirits Australia.

Wednesday 23 September 2020 was Bi Visibility Day, first celebrated in 1999.

Bi+ is inclusive of all multi-gender-attracted folk, including bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, biromantic, queer and questioning…

This year saw the first Bi+ Community conference since 1992.

The Stand Bi Us 2020 Conference, a joint Australia and New Zealand effort, mostly online was held from Friday the 18th of Sep – Sunday the 27th of Sep

Bi+ organisations came together for this Bi+ Visibility Day event because it is such an important day for our communities. Visibility goes a long way towards raising awareness of Bi+ specific challenges and dispelling stereotypes.

This conference celebrated the fabulous, diverse and awesomely talented bicons that make up our international community and celebrated community, visibility and expression, across Australia and New Zealand.