Lonely Arts Club with Calamity Tash

Calamity Tash

Craftanoon with local craft wizard Calamity Tash! Choose from three quirky, queer focus craft sessions or join us for an all day Craft extravaganza!

11am – 12pm: Pronoun Pins

Make up to FOUR, personalised shrink plastic badges with your choice of pronoun and design.

12:30pm – 2pm DIY Pride Flag

Using endless materials, design and create your own pride flag. Sparklier, fancier and more camp than any flag should be. Make queer pennants, flags or banners to feel proud of.

2:30pm – 5pm Gay Clay

A favourite! Join us and get muddy in this hands on, airdry clay workshop. Create whatever you can dream of using high quality, locally sourced clay