PowerPoint Party

Cackling Jackal

Queerly Beloved, it’s time to deliver your 8-minute keynote passionate speech on whatever you want.

Special interests. Academic thesis. A list of the most fuckable characters in Shrek. Conspiracy theories. Queer readings of pop culture. Your skincare routine. Which drag queen was robbed on reality tv. A rant about things that are currently pissing you off. Theorising Queer Theory in Pedagogy and Linguistic approaches to discourse. A list of Harry Styles’s best outfits according to you.

Sincere or silly. It’s whatever you want it to be baby.

Oh, and of course, there is a competitive element to it. Did you come here to make friends? Or did you come to win: Best PowerPoint Presentation Presenter at Feast Festival 2022?

Interested in participating? Expressions of interest to participate and present: Click >HERE <

Expressions of interest will be judged on a first-in, best-dressed basis.

Expressions of interest will hard close on 27th November 5pm