Switch Hitter

Chloe Black

Switch-Hitter- Noun: an ambidextrous batter in baseball. Also a bisexual person. Transgender comedian Chloe Black presents the follow up to her critically acclaimed show “Transistor Sister” to the Adelaide Feast Festival. Nominated for Best of Fest and Best Solo at the 2020 Fringe at the Edge. “punchlines come completely out of left field for fantastic effect” Pop Culture-y.com.

We are providing two ticket options- Show only (start at 8pm) or Dinner & Show (start at 6pm).

For Dinner+Show ticketholders: Dinner will be started at 6pm and Show at 8pm, Please contact Sue at Diverse-City with any dietary requirements on (08) 7076 9211

For Show Only ticketholders: Show is started at 8pm, please ensure you won’t miss out the performance.