We Are

Melissa Shinn

“We Are” is a visual art exhibition exhibiting 2D prints with 3D prints that will have
textiles incorporated throughout the prints.

Contemporary artist, Melissa Shinn’s motivation behind the exhibition is to invite the wider community to come together to celebrate the extraordinary characteristics of the LGBTQIA+ society. Melissa brings
a voice to the invisible, forgotten, and unrepresented people of our society.


About the Artist
Melissa Shinn has a Bachelor of Creative Arts Visual Arts Degree from Flinders
University and Adelaide College of the Arts. Her artwork has been exhibited during
SALA, GalleryM and in the Intercambio Grafico print exchange. Melissa is a
contemporary experimental artist who seeks to connect with her audience on both
intellectual and emotional levels. She invites her audience to empathize with her
creations. Melissa uses a variety of techniques and mediums including lino cutting,
etching, collagraph prints and woodcut printing on silk and printing surfaces.
In addition, it gives a two-fold message of embracing each other and love.
She intends to bring a voice to the invisible, forgotten, and unrepresented parts of
society. Through a journey of self-awareness, Melissa hopes her audience leaves her
work with a better understanding of the people in our society who are voiceless.
Melissa aims to communicate this voicelessness without words. In addition, the artist
has been a proud part of the LGBTQIA+ community for over 20 years and shares a
two-fold message of embracing one another other and love in all its forms.


Tickets for Opening Night Only  – $10 Adult | $7.50 Concession
Exhibition FREE – Available to view during regular venue opening hours